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    Unleash the Power of AI Learning with Beta

    The wait is finally over! We have officially launched our highly anticipated beta version at, and we’re beyond excited to invite you to the world of just-in-time learning.

    How does work?

    It’s our mission to create an AI coach that helps professionals learn just-in-time, finding the right resources just when them need them. We want you to skip the choice paralysis, endless scrolling and content skipping. We’re here to help you stop the searching and power-up your learning. Because we believe that the best workers are keen learners.

    Just start by chatting to the AI coach about an area you wish to learn about at work and Quench will find the right content to set you on your learning journey. From billions of hours of video, we will source the most relevant clips for your challenge, including premium courses designed by experts in their fields.

    Key Features of

    1. Contextualized Recommendations: We know your time is precious, so why waste it on endless searches? Skip the search and go straight to the right content. Say hello to instant access to the most relevant learning materials.
    2. Conversational AI: Meet your new learning coach –’s conversational AI! Just answer a few simple questions, and voilà – your personalized learning journey begins! No more second-guessing or indecisiveness; helps skip the searching and start the learning.
    3. Tailored Results from the Get-Go:’s technology is as smart as it gets! It learns from your preferences and even taps into trends from other learners to provide intelligent and relevant content recommendations over time. Prepare to be amazed by the content that aligns perfectly with your interests and goals!
    4. There’s a Video for That: We’ve curated a vast library of learning and development videos just for you! Whatever you want to learn, can help you get started. Dive into a world of captivating visual learning experiences.

    As we said earlier, we believe the best work is produced by people who make time to learn. That applies to us too. We are making our beta version of the AI coach available to the public. We want to build the best AI learning coach out there. That means we want to learn from you.

    If you’re ready to help build a coach that is there for you 24/7, sign up to now and start your first conversation with your new learning coach.

    Let’s create a better way to learn at work, together.