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    New Features: Easier Payments, Customisation and File Attachments

    Jeff Pole, Head of Product at Quench

    With the latest product updates, Quench is making it easier than ever for creators to build their brands and reach their audiences.

    One of the most exciting updates is the full integration with the payments system Stripe. This integration means anyone can connect their Stripe account to their video site and receive payments directly to their bank account via Stripe. This makes collecting payments from a creator’s audience super simple and gives our creators full control over the payment process.

    Another aspect of Quench that is essential for creators is the ability to cultivate their own brand. With the expanded customisation features, channels can now choose between light and dark colour schemes and customise accent colours throughout their channel. This allows creators to create a unique and personalised experience for their audience, which helps to build trust and connection with their viewers.

    Finally, for those who offer their audience additional content beyond videos, Quench has introduced the ability to add attachments to videos that are gated based on the same access permissions as the video itself. This means that creators can provide their audience with additional resources and information, such as PDF guides, without sacrificing control over their content.