Quench vs uScreen

Hey there! Thinking about moving over to Quench? Or looking to take your video creator business full-time through direct revenues from existing audiences, as well as new fans?

Perhaps you’re wondering what the differences are between Quench and uScreen for creators offering premium videos and memberships. We’ve put together this no-nonsense overview.

Growth and collaboration
Revenue share
Ease of use
Flexible video hosting


Starter | Standard | Pro
£0 | £25 | £399 (per month)
Free up to 100 members and 1 hr of video uploads
✅ Collaborate and bundle with similar creators in a structured way
✅ Keep 100% of your revenue
✅ Fast and easy setup without complicated elements
✅ Choose to host videos directly through Quench or embed videos from other platforms
Basic | Growth | uScreenplus
$99 | $199 | Not specified
14 Days Free Trial
❌ No option to collaborate with other creators
❌ uScreen takes additional $0.50 per subscriber/month
❌ Complicated procedure to get started, similar to website design, where you must choose different components like content blocks, banners, testimonials, and themes.
❌ Host videos only through uScreen

Keep all your revenue with Quench

Along with the subscription charges, uScreen takes an additional $0.50 for every subscriber per month. Quench has a simplified and transparent payment structure with monthly payments and no additional fees. Expand your channel without the stress of paying more for your growth and upgrade only when you’re ready. 

Grow at a faster pace by collaborating with similar creators

With uScreen, you’ll have to figure out ways to bring the audience to your channel. But Quench lets you collaborate with other creators in your niche and create bundle channels in a structured way. This makes it easier for you to reach more target audiences and expand your member base.

Take your time to grow your channel, no limit on trial period

Growing your channel on a new platform can be a challenging and time taking process. This pressure is increased by a time limit of 2 weeks, and this small amount of time is insufficient to determine whether the platform is effective for you. With Quench, you get your premium website at no cost and grow your channel at your own pace. You can upload up to an hour of videos with our beginning plan, which is free until you reach 100 members on your channel.

Get started quickly without complicated setup procedures

Setting up your uScreen channel is a time-consuming process, you’ll first have to pick a theme and then add and customize different elements on the website such as banners, benefits, testimonials, content blocks and pricing. Quench offers a much simpler process, just upload your video and get started.

Choose to host videos directly or through other platforms

Establish your brand and give a custom feel to your Quench video site by hosting videos directly on it. Additionally, you can also embed videos from other platforms like Youtube and Vimeo on your Quench site. With uScreen you don’t get this flexibility as uScreen only allows you to host videos directly.


Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own custom domain?

Yes! We encourage our creators to purchase and use a custom domain to provide a tailored experience to their communities.

What if I already have a website?

Quench can easily integrate with your existing website onto a ‘sub-domain’, and all you’ll have to do is create a new link to it. So you can have ‘video.mysite.com’ as a URL for your new Quench site.

Where can I see my earnings?

We ask our content creators to sign up with Stripe – a payment processing app. Your account is then linked to your Quench video site, and you can see all your earnings on the Stripe dashboard.

Who owns the data for my community base?

Any data collected, stored, and used on your Quench platform is yours, and you are the sole owner of that data. We will never sell this data to a third party. You can take this data with you if you choose to leave us.

How many videos can I upload?

Depending on your package, you can upload video content directly to Quench. YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos remain unlimited across all packages.