This AI Solution is Making Trainers 13x More Effective

As a learning and development provider, we empower global trainers to deliver impactful training programs, building a highly skilled workforce. Trainer enablement is our core, ensuring impactful learning everywhere.


One of our biggest challenges has been ensuring the efficiency of our trainers through high-quality onboarding and continuous support.  Achieving this at scale, while maintaining a standardized training methodology has been an operational hurdle we’ve struggled to overcome.

– Trainer onboarding resources scattered and difficult to access.

– High support costs due to trainer confusion and difficulty finding information.

– Trainer dissatisfaction impacted retention.

– The rise of AI presented an opportunity to improve trainer experience.

– consolidated resources and enabled real-time queries.

– Trainers gained 24/7 AI support.

– Trainer NPS increased. This meant happier trainers and higher retention rates.



Our aim was to reduce support tickets and delight trainers. What we didn’t expect was to see customer NPS jump up. But it did!

We have a set methodology for running end customer training workshops, which we recently amended. By training our AI coach according to our methodology, trainers were being enabled to follow our structures with far fewer live upskilling sessions.

Our methodology is designed to delight customers and with more trainers following this process, our customer satisfaction has shot up. We’re now exploring how else we can deploy our AI coach across the business to enable our employees and even our customers’ employees.

Head of Product, Edtech

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