Grow your creator business with
your own Direct to Consumer
channel infrastructure

Our DTC channel tools are designed to help you connect directly with your audience, monetize effectively, and grow your creator business. With affordable pricing options, you can choose the right plan for your needs and start unlocking the full potential of your niche audience.



Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own custom domain?

Yes! We encourage our creators to purchase and use a custom domain to provide a tailored experience to their communities.

What if I already have a website?

Quench can easily integrate with your existing website onto a ‘sub-domain’, and all you’ll have to do is create a new link to it. So you can have ‘’ as a URL for your new Quench site.

Where can I see my earnings?

We ask our content creators to sign up with Stripe – a payment processing app. Your account is then linked to your Quench video site, and you can see all your earnings on the Stripe dashboard.

Who owns the data for my community base?

Any data collected, stored, and used on your Quench platform is yours, and you are the sole owner of that data. We will never sell this data to a third party. You can take this data with you if you choose to leave us.

How many videos can I upload?

Depending on your package, you can upload video content directly to Quench. YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos remain unlimited across all packages.